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A Message From father Joseph

My Dear Friends, I am extremely happy to inform you that permission is granted by the civil authorities for the construction of the first building for San Jose Home. The building will be 10,000 sq ft in area during the first phase with another 10,000 sq ft building in phase 2 . The foundation stone of this building will be laid Wednesday June 8th, 2022Let me briefly tell you what all things are now ready. We were continually working on all the projects all these months. Land, donated by me 1 acre and 38 cents Land purchased later, 1 acre and 6 cents costing around $83,000 Out of it, landdedivcated for the approach road:30 cents. Road: At first around 6500 square ft of road was constructed and paved/ concreted. After that , 6500 sq ft of road was recently made (not paved) Wells: Two wells were constructed. One 40 ft deep and one 24 ft deep to insure we had enough water during summer months. Cost of constructing the two wells was around $9500. Compound Wall and concrete wall costing $16,200 Ground leveling and earth works were down at a cost of around $7500. Works were done for a long period. Construction of this building is expected to finish within one year.

Thank you for your great support. Keeping you all in my prayers, and requesting your prayers .

Fr. Joseph

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