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Who We are

WHat we do

“Hands of Jesus Ministries” is a response to this need in Kerala, a southern state in India, by many good-hearted people in the United States who want to help them. 

For many, old age means time to retire and relax. But for many more, old age brings several problems. Their general health and faculties begin to decline slowly. Some are affected by serious health issues which force them to require constant care and support of others to maintain some quality of life. Among those, there are many who are poor, homeless and abandoned. Many of them have no one to take care of their essential needs. Some do not have a house to live in, no proper clothing to wear, no essential food to eat, etc. They feel neglected and overlooked.   To that extent, their old age becomes extremely pitiful.

After a great deal of prayer and research, we have decided to step forward and form a charitable non-profit corporation which is registered in the State of Texas named “Hands of Jesus Ministries”. We are inspired to do something for those people in Kerala in the spirit of Christian love. We desire to let Jesus use our hands to extend his love, care and protection. We dream of becoming the conduits of Jesus’s merciful and caring love in that region of the world.


Our mission

“Hands of Jesus Ministry” envisions our hands enabling the deserving people in the state of Kerala to live their lives, especially in their old age, with dignity and self-esteem by providing them a safe and loving environment. Inspired by the words of Jesus recorded in the Gospel according to St. Matthew 25:40, “Whatever you did for one of these little brothers of mine, you have done it unto me,” we look forward to reaching out to the people of Kerala who are in dire need of life’s essentials, especially in their old age because of their poverty and helplessness.


Loving and Almighty Father, we ask you to open our eyes and make us to be sensitive to your Spirit. Help us to have the heart and mind of Christ. Teach us to be aware of the needs of your people. Fill our hearts with your compassion for us to be able to be at their service. And we pray for more caring hands, for more affordable housing, for more of us willing to put their faith into action, and for our lives to be constant prayers that all may be safe, warm, and loved. Loving Father, we know that one person can make a difference.  Help us to be that one person. Remind us that when we feed and clothe your children, we are feeding and clothing Jesus. Bless all the ones who labor to make a difference in this world. Most of all, we thank you, Lord, for caring and loving us and sending your son to die on the cross for each and every one of us. A Tribute to St. Joseph, in the Year of St. Joseph

St. Joseph, protector of the poor, help us to be helpful to the needy. Amen.

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